Learn Sketch: Plugins, resources, articles and tutorials

Sketch is a powerful design tool developed by Bohemian Coding. It is available only for Mac and can be bought from here for $99. Below you will find a list of plugins, resources, articles and tutorials to help you get started with Sketch.





Sketch Plugins

Sketch Toolbox

  → A super simple plugin manger for Sketch.

Content Generator for Sketch

  → Sketch app plugin for generating dummy data such as avatars, names, photos, geo data, etc.

Sketch Measure

  → A measure tool for measurements and design specs.

Style Inventory for Sketch

  → Review, import and export styles in Sketch.

Sketch Notebook

  → Sketch plugin to make documenting design easier.

Material Design Color Plugin

  → Sketch app plugin for displaying Google material design color palette.

Color Contrast Analyser for Sketch

  → A Sketch plugin that calculates the color contrast of two layers and evaluates it against the WCAG.

Dynamic Button

  → Dynamic button plugin allows to create buttons with fixed padding no matter what text you add.

Sketch to App Store

  → Generate App Store images for all iPhone sizes from Sketch.

Sketch Icon Stamper Plugin

  → A Sketch plugin for creating multiple sizes of iOS icons.

Swatches for Sketch

  → This simple Sketch 3 plugin will generate a palette of color swatches for you.

Rename It

  → This is a Sketch plugin to rename layers.

Generate GIF

  → A plugin by Nathan Rutzky for generating GIFs from a sequence of artboards.

Sketch Land

  → An index of the most useful plugins for Sketch.

Awesome Sketch Plugins

  → A collection of really useful Sketch plugins.

Sketch Plugins Mailing List

  → The mailing list for developers creating Sketch plugins.

Sketch Plugin Directory

  → A semi-official directory of plugins hosted on GitHub.


Sketch Articles

Why Sketch is Ideal for Web Designers

  → An article by David Okuniev, founder of Typeform, on switching to Sketch.

The A to Z of Sketch

  → In this article Armando Sotoca breaks down each tool within Sketch.


  → Tips, thoughts and insights on Sketch. By Christian Krammer and Alex Wu.

10 Tips & Tricks for Sketch

  → An article by Nicolas Dular where he shares some things that he learned while working with Sketch.

7 Tips for Sketch Users

  → An article by Nick Woodman where he shares the best practices he learned using Sketch.

Harnessing Vector Awesomeness in Sketch

  → Learn how to master vector shapes.

Import web pages into Sketch

  → Tweak an existing web page without original assets.

Sketch Tips

  → A list of tips that can help you knock things out faster in Sketch.

The Sketch Manual Part 1

  → An article by Sagi Shrieber on why he moved to Sketch.

The Sketch Manual Part 2

  → Basic and advanced Sketch customization by Sagi Shrieber.

Managing Sketch for iOS Dev

  → Sketch workflow for iOS development.

Design Tools for Today’s Web

  → An article by Anthony Colangelo.

A month with Sketch 3

  → Notes and thoughts by Sebastien Gabriel.

Design Thoughts – Sketch

  → Thoughts about Sketch.

Some early thoughts on Sketch 3

  → Some thoughts about Sketch.


Sketch Resources


  → High quality Sketch resources that you can use in your projects.

Sketch Gems

  → Top quality resources for designers and developers who use Sketch.

Yosemite UI Kit

  → The most comprehensive Yosemite UI kit designed exclusively for Sketch 3.

Sketchapp TV

  → Get one free Sketch file everyday.

iOS 8 GUI for Sketch (iPhone 6)

  → A Sketch file of GUI elements found in the public release of iOS 8.

Apple Watch GUI Sketch Template

  → GUI Sketch template for the 42mm version of the Apple Watch.

Sketch Shortcuts

  → A list of keyboard shortcuts for Sketch.

Apple iOS Devices

  → Fully scaleable Apple iOS devices for Sketch.


  → 360 outline and 360 matching solid icons in vector and bitmap formats.

Font Awesome Symbols

  → All the goodness of Font Awesome in symbols crafted specifically for Sketch 3.


  → Premium collection of Sketch resources for mobile & web projects.


  → Expanding UI kit for Sketch.

Material Design for Sketch

  → A Material design UI kit for Sketch.

Sketch News

  → A bi-weekly curated publication full of interesting links about Sketch.

iPhone Wireframe UI Kit

  → Free iPhone wireframe UI kit by Anthony Aubertin.

Sketch Foundation Kit

  → The Foundation 5 template for Sketch 3.

Sketch Bootstrap Kit

  → The Bootstrap 3 template for Sketch 3.

iOS Wireframe Kit

  → This wireframe kit provides every elements you need for creating professional and elegant iOS wireframes.

Mobile UI Kit for Sketch

  → Handcrafted mobile UI kit for iOS made for Sketch 3.

Free Social Icons

  → Social media icon pack for Sketch.

Data Visualization Elements

  → UI kit freebie that consists of data visualization elements.

Sketch App Sources

  → Free design resources for Sketch 3.



Sketch Tutorials

Sketch 3 Tutorials (video / free)

  → A series of video tutorials by LevelUpTuts.

Design a Login Form Interface (article / free)

  → A tutorial for beginners by Armando Sotoca where he teaches you how to design a login form in Sketch.

SketchCasts (video / paid)

  → A weekly screencast covering Sketch app, you can become a member for $8/month.

SketchDesign (video / paid)

  → Learn how to design an iPhone app with Sketch 3 for $49.

Practical UI Design With Sketch (video / paid)

  → A Sketch course where you’ll learn how to use its tools to create a admin user interface for $15.

Learn Sketch 3 (video / paid)

  → Learn how to create mobile and web designs with Sketch 3 for $29.

Sketch 3 App Design (video / free)

  → This course is gonna teach you how to design a website, a mobile app, an icon using Sketch 3 for free.

Create an Icon with Sketch 3 (article / free)

  → A tutorial by Arnaud Schlupp where he teaches you how to create an icon in Sketch 3.

Designing an iOS App With Sketch 3 (video / free)

  → Learn how to design step by step an iPhone app user interface using Sketch 3.

Mastering the Bézier Curve in Sketch (article / free)

  → Learn how to make beautiful curved vector shapes in Sketch.

Create a Colorful Switch in Sketch (article / free)

  → In this article Sebastien Gabriel teaches you how to create a colorful switch in Sketch.

Learn Sketch (video / free)

  → A growing collection of Sketch 3 tutorials for both the casual user and professional designer.

iOS Design using Sketch 1 (video / free)

  → Part one in a video tutorial series about designing an iOS app using Sketch.

iOS Design using Sketch 2 (video / free)

  → Part two in a video tutorial series about designing an iOS app using Sketch.

Understanding Sketch’s Export Options (article / free)

  → Fully understand the different export options available in Sketch 3.

Sketch for Beginners(video / paid)

  → This course will teach the know-how and techniques needed to utilize Sketch to its maximum capacity for those starting out in design work.

Design+code (book / video / free / paid)

  → Learn Sketch 3, the most efficient design tool.


Sketch Community

Sketch Facebook Group

  → Check out the Sketch group on Facebook.


  → Check out the Sketch community page on Google+.


  → Join the unofficial subreddit for Sketch.

Sketch Talk

  → A community for Sketch users of all skill levels.

Who Uses Sketch

  → An overview of freelancers and agencies using Sketch.

Team Sketch

  → A community for Sketch designers powered by Slack.